Matteus Mavrica

My love and passion comes from the depths of my soul for helping in the awakening and awareness of the divine self, through sharing a healthy vibrant lifestyle through Young Living Essential Oils. These Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils contain very high frequencies and consciousness of pure divine life force.

We need to raise our frequency to live in higher consciousness and for experiencing our true divine nature. We need this as well to let go of all the emotional baggage that prevents our own frequency from going higher and higher into the dimensions of own divine being.

As you have already come to understand, certain energies in life limit your natural ability to express who you really are, because you live within own unhappy energy field. By using Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, they can support you in releasing this old emotional baggage and so you can break free of emotions such as, resentment, despair, depression, hatred, jealousy, envy, distrust, doubt and fear. Perhaps you’ve been holding onto this emotional baggage for a very long time and it’s time you get rid of it, to let go of it so it does not set in deeper and deeper. You can now safely release these past traumas by using essential oils to stimulate the Amygdala where all emotions are stored and released from, thus reconnecting with who you really are. Young Living essential oils contain active compounds that affect your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, opening the pathway to your heart. They increase your ability to have a healthier perspective which brings into your life an experience of a greater sense of Oneness with the Spirit of all that is.


I first encountered Young Living Essential Oils in May 2010 when I experienced the difference between a common lavender essential oil and a Young Living lavender essential oil of “therapeutic grade”. As I inhaled the common lavender oil bought in a store, it stung my nose and irritated my mucous membrane. Later on, it was explained to me that such essential oils weren’t pure but treated chemically, diluted and insufficiently distilled… or in short, they only worked as perfumes. Having inhaled a Young Living essential oil of therapeutic grade, I was surprised with how effective and alive these oils essences were. By inhaling Young Living lavender oil a single time, I felt how the energy around my heart had cleared and the feeling of oneness returned. My soul was yearning to return to oneness. I experienced a profound insight and realized the purpose that Young Living essential oils play as a significant role today. I realized that with Young Living, therapeutic grade essential oils people can clean the energetic bodies, raise their personal vibration, do away with their limited thought patterns, restore harmony in body and spirit… or in short, reopen the pathway to their heart. Today, it’s high time we clear these denser energies to reopen our hearts so we may live in harmony with the divine nature in all of life!

After this revelation, I was asked from my highest spiritual self, to rise into a new state of awareness into new insights to help support others into their own awakening through sharing Young Living essential oils. I began realizing that people could so quickly and easily reconnect with who they really are, and have a personal experience of their true divine nature in a very enjoyable and inspiring way. This is what people in the ancient days knew and used as they knew the destructive effect of negative emotions and thoughts. This is why it’s important we know how negative emotions and thoughts affect all levels of our being. It’s very easy to do this with the help of therapeutic grade essential oils because they change and transform our DNA code, which was damaged or manipulated by limited information that anchored within our energy body. While inhaling essential oils, the essence that travels with the scent cleans up the negative emotion part of amygdala (this is the part of the brain which stores our emotional memory, such as traumas, fears, sadness or hurts from the past). This essence helps us release unhappy energetic patterns which were active in the energetic memory or the subconscious. Once we are free from the negative emotional baggage, our personal frequency rises and we become conscious of our divinity. It’s time we are aware that our choices are all up to us, it’s high time we awaken and reconnect with the divine inner self. It’s necessary to be conscious of and accept it as our right or duty to demand the working of divinity within. As we alienated our own Essence, less and less light shone through our Hearts, and that’s how we forgot this blessing. But now, we can reconnect with the source of our Being as we clean up the limited, hurtful baggage from our life. As we let go of it, we begin a new cycle of divinity in our Hearts.

This is the time on earth of gifts and blessings. As much as you’re ready to clean up your body and mind, the so-called God/Goddess temple, so many gifts and blessings will pour into your life to live them. Therefore, clean up your body temple, so the cup is ready for a new elixir of life!

It’s never too late. As long as you have your cup, in this lifetime you have a choice to refill it with your Love, the eternal source of all that you are.


Please let me know how I can best support you in these quickly changing times.

Matteus Mavrica